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PELIKAN | Product Design Premium Writing Implements

Classy writing and luxury products - traditional values of the classic Pelikan fountain pen. Collector's and showcase pieces.

Pelikan | Epoch

The "epoch" series of writing implements were developed with a view to combine the traditional with the modern. The designs interpret the brand specific features of the classic writing implements from the house of Pelikan, and contemporise them in a formal context. 

To support the streamlined structuring there are silver rings functioning as closing or dividing elements to demarcate the individual components.


Pelikan | Ductus

Traditionally modern – the Ductus series is representative of an advancement in the history of Pelikan writing implements, it closes the gap between traditional and modern implements of the brand. Ductus with its elegant "pin stripe design", the modern interpretation of the typical Pelikan stripe design, coalesces into the modern world of business. 


The Ductus fountain pen bears the classic proportions of a piston fountain pen. The filling knob at the end of the barrel has been made to form part of a "cartridge holder" that can be unscrewed to fill up the pen.


Pelikan | Limited Edition


Pelikan | Special Edition

The high-gloss polished metal barrel is lacquered with colour and embellished with engravings. The piston fountain pen carries an 18 carat gold nib with rhodium design. The roller by virtue of its gentle, comfortable slide has the look of ink writing.

The "Special Edition" series of writing implements is an integral part of the premium writing implements segment of Pelikan. The finest materials go into the making of this series.