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School Products – of pedagogical value, sturdy and reliable.
Assists in terms of content and motor skills while writing and colouring.

Pelikan | griffix® Series of Writing Implements

The Pelikan griffix® series of writing implements from the learn-to-write sphere has been developed based on the latest knowledge of graphomotor skills in collaboration with educationalists and the Frauenhofer Institute. 

The four models of the griffix® system are supportive in the various levels of the learn-to-write process.

Pelikan | griffix stylus

The griffix stylus® in the traditional blue or pink is a learn-to-write implement for capacitive surfaces like tablets, touch screen notebooks or smart phones.

The griffix stylus® supplements the griffix® learn-to-write system.

The high quality water colour paint boxes for school or hobby contain splendid colours with high opacity. All the colour pots are interchangeable. 


Pelikan | water colour paint box Space+ and the Elephant water container 


Pelikan | water colour paint box ProColor


Pelikan | water colour paint box K12 and Clickbox

Pelikan | Pelikano Junior and Super Pirate/Super Sheriff

Pelikan | Crayons