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The newly founded Berlin Planetarium Foundation merges all of Berlin’s observatories and planetariums into one organization. ‘yellow too’ has developed a uniform appearance for the foundation that simultaneously underscores the autonomy of the planetariums and observatories. The solution is well-rounded, literally: The circle serves as an essential form that informs all instances of the corporate design – across all formats and media. The circle evokes the shape of the stars and planets, or the experience of viewing the 360°-projection in the planetariums, or that of looking at the skies through the telescopes in the observatories. The Berlin Planetarium Foundation further distinguishes itself from the other planetariums by its color scheme: Bright and friendly, it sets out on a path all its own, as compared to the black or dark colors typically used for its planetariums.

Our unique design not only brings the stars down from the sky, but also ensures the birth of a new icon for Berlin.

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yellow sets off Big Bang to launch Berlin Planetarium Foundation
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Compelling, Entertaining  and Colorful - like the universe itself.

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