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BRITA | Fill & Serve Filter Carafe

The new shape of water! In cooperation with BRITA, the leading expert in drinking water optimisation, yellow has created, designed and developed the innovative BRITA Fill & Serve lifestyle-carafe. yellow together with BRITA pioneered a new approach with the design of the Fill & Serve Water Filter Carafe. This innovative product has been developed to fulfil consumer’s demands and to bring water filtration out of the kitchen on the table and now offer consumers a wide range of uses in a completely new environment.

The carafe is always at hand, both at home and in the office, and ensures that drinking water is a real pleasure. It is simply and conveniently filled from the tap and offers an environment-friendly alternative to bottled water. The built-in activated carbon filter (BRITA Filter Disc-Technology) reliably reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances and guarantees fresh drinking water with best-possible taste.


High expectations with regard to compactness and handling were solved in the product by means of the so-called 2K-injection moulding technique in order to have an optimal interplay between aesthetics and prime functionality. 

The slim design and the very elegant silhouette makes the carafe an attractive lifestyle-product in various environments, on the dinner table at home or in the office.

The visual experience of watching the filter process inside the transparent carafe is also striking. The water is filtered as it passes through the base of the funnel. As the water level rises between the funnel and the carafe wall, it seems that the funnel has disappeared.

The discreetly accentuated use of colour emphasises the "exclusively-high" quality of the carafe and hence not only confines the carafe to a homely dinner setting, but elevates the product's usage to other more "unique" settings like at the POS or in the office.

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