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FISSLER | vitavit pressure cookers

For the last decades the company Fissler has been standing for high quality cookware "made in Germany". The pressure cooker Vitavit Royal has been produced for 25 years without any change and is the classic among pressure cookers. 

The focus in redesigning the perennial bestseller is generating a sustainable perfection of form and function.

Fissler | vitavit comfort

The cooker can be closed in a very comfortable way thanks to the innovative levelling device. Tactile and optical feedback gives the user the necessary assurance about the correct closure of the pressure cooker. The removable handle makes the pressure cooker easy to clean and to store. 

Fissler | vitavit premium

The comfortable loop handle prevents the filled pressure cooker to slip from the hands. 


The valve has been the "icon" in the silhouette of the classic "Vitavit Royal" for decades: Due to the evolutionary advancement the valve can be now recognized from all perspectives and helps to visualize the actual cooking level.


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