NUK Product product-design

MAPA | NUK | Product Design and Illustration


NUK Product product-design

MAPA | NUK | Product Design and Illustration

The long cooperation between MAPA and yellow has its beginnings in the conception of two NUK classics: the Starlight Pacifier and the First Choice Bottle. Since then yellow has re-elaborated the whole product range and simultaneously has reconcepted a modular product-line.  

The creation of the product-line did not solely take into account the design, nevertheless different steps in the process of learning to eat and to drink and so to support and foster pedagogical aspects. 

MAPA | NUK | Genius Pacifier

The basis for the development of the NUK Genius pacifier is the homogenous form of the NUK Starlight pacifier. The clear and reduced characteristic style of the product gives it a likeable look. The gripping ring harmoniously integrates in the base plate and thus avoids pressure marks when a baby is lying on its side or on its stomach. The saliva channel in the inside of the mouth plate counteracts skin irritations in the sensitive mouth area of the baby.

The novel soft channels in the inside of the latex sucking element ensure spot-on flexural behaviour of the pacifier. The orthodontic sucking form, which simulates a mother’s breast during nursing, has been further optimised for better movement of the tongue through an additional hollow area.

The pacifier thus plays an important role for good health: misaligned teeth are effectively counteracted, pressure on jaws and gums is kept to a minimum, and the overall development is assisted.


MAPA | NUK | Learning-to-eat product-line "Easy Learning“

The product range of the company NUK has grown by adding the "Easy Learning"- product-line and accompanies a baby's oral development from its first month to 24 months old.

The challenge of designing the modular learning-to-eat product-line "Easy Learning" was to develop a homogenous design language for all components of the series taking into consideration pedagogical and ergonomic aspects.

The use of soft materials around the gripping zone provides the component with a pleasant touch.


MAPA | NUK | Oral Care-System

A child’s oral development ideally requires four medically coordinated phases: suck, massage, practice and care.

The Oral Care system systematically prevents oral, dental and speech problems, and at the same time assists a child’s learning development.

The handle is identical for all tooth brushing learning aids. It is especially based on the clasping grip of children and supports a correct grip through the specific grip area.

The learning set consists of four products: Cooling pen - for spot-on cooling and pain relief during teething, massage pen – for gentle massaging of gums and roof of mouth, cleaning trainer – to help in learning how to clean, and learning tooth brush – to clean the first milk teeth with. 

The teething ring set enables simultaneous pleasant counter-pressure to the gums, gentle massaging or pain-relieving cooling through three different material characteristics. 


MAPA | NUK | Baby Food Warmer

The innovative technology of the NUK baby food warmer enables the accurate and easy heating of baby formula and baby food in bottles and jars. The style is suitable for children and typical for the brand; the orange light waves are visible during operation and were interpreted for the “kitchen” context in a friendly and formally reduced product design. Both are operated via a central element. 

Due to the gentle permeation with light waves – regularly distributed via a reflector system – the usual need to stir as well as water input and decalcification in old devices become unnecessary.


MAPA | NUK | e-Motion Breast Pump

The NUK e-Motion breast pump stands for the transfer of NUK brand values to an electrical appliance in the highly emotional context of “breast feeding”.

The concept interprets medical competence in a friendly, calm and high-quality design vocabulary. The ergonomic housing design enables comfortable and safe handling as well as simple operation with one hand.

The soft „optiform” breast plate ensures an ideal and pleasant fit to the breast and rib arch.


EN NUK Illustration

MAPA | NUK | Illustration

EN NUK Illustration

MAPA | NUK | Illustration

Since 2005 itself yellow has been regularly developing various designs and product shades for drinking bottles and range of pacifier nipples too of the NUK brand. 

The regular change in motifs and colours ensures that the range of NUK products is ever contemporary and goes with the existing design trends for the mother-and-child target group.

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