Berlin’s inhabitants had to wait a long time for the reopening of the Zeiss Major Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg. But, finally, there’s no more reason to hang one’s head. On the contrary: Heads up! For the reopening of the Zeiss Major Planetarium, ‘yellow too’ shows pictures of visitors gazing up at the heavens in amazement – just like they do at the planetarium every day. The accompanying caption: “Heads up, outer space is open again.” 
The ad campaign’s success was out of this world right from the start: There were lots and lots of visitors on the day of the reopening; the average number of visitors has tripled; and attendance hit 3,000 and beyond during the Long Night of the Museums. This clearly shows that the people of Berlin got the message. And the intergalactic journey has only just begun: Additional ad posters are sparking interest in the new program; the ad campaign has taken to social media, plus there are plans to involve visitors in the planetarium’s activities by way of Instagram and Facebook. 

Heads up, outer space is open again.