The yellow Network

THE YELLOW NETWORK. Holistic design solutions at distinct locations. 


  • 1973 Prof. Günter Horntrich founded the design agency with the focus industrial design in Pforzheim (Germany). 1985 the office broadens: branding-oriented areas such as packaging and Corporate Design are included. Within this enlargement, the agency renames itself „yellow design".
  • 1992 Prof. Günter Horntrich accepts the lecturer position "Design and Ecology“ at the "Cologne International School of Design" and establishes the agency "yellow circle“ which realises as a brand-oriented full-service agency complex projects in the fields of POS, trade fairs, brand strategy and didactics in space.
  • 2004 the office „yellow too“  by Christian Horntrich und Marta Pasiek opens its doors in Berlin. With the focal points Corporate Design, digital media, exhibits and communication in space, it supports the scope of work of the yellow network.
  • 2009  yellow enlarges the network on an international level and opens its office in Japan to assist its Asian clients. "yellow design gmbh, Tokio" today forms part of yellow design gmbh.


  • 2011 Alexander Schlag becomes managing partner of the "yellow design gmbh“ which was jointly founded with Günter Horntrich in Pforzheim with the focal points of design- and product development and special attention on branding.